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In 1991, a wee production company was founded under the name "Phenomena". Through its first 20 years, it’s united those who have the same vision, dreams, goals, and live with the same beliefs that a “TV commercial’s job is to sell the product”. Those values have helped guide Phenomena’s long walk down a successful road. With more than 2,000 TV commercials, Phenomena “sells” the product for its clients - locally and internationally – plus delivers laughter, tears, joy, and fun to the consumers. The great mix of creativity and expert production crews is the result of more than 500 awards worldwide. In 2005, Phenomena was the world’s most awarded production company by The Gunn Report, and the world’s leader in research in the advertising industry. Then in 2009, Phenomena was awarded the Palme D'or for being the “World’s best production company” from Cannes Lions. Perhaps it’s true, that when you unite differences, something phenomenal can be created. Our mission is to create an inspiring Phenomena that ignites the new generation and revolutionise the advertising industry.